Arvin Eskandarnia

Principal Photographer and Founder

“Photography is looking into the soul, relaying a message, and capturing memories.”

I was fascinated by photography from my youth and began taking pictures at the age of 15. I have studied and worked with some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the country.

Arvin provides an amazing service! He is a true gentleman who honors and respects his clients. He is so nice, calm, collected, organized, responsive, punctual and professional! - Lisa


My photographic style blends contemporary and classical, with many candid images, capturing feelings, romance, passion, and fun. My photos are elegant and meticulous in detail. I believe that photography is a tool to create memories that last a lifetime.

He captured the sun glistening in my veil which covered my husband and I as we kissed. I still can't believe it is my photo. I have shown people my wedding pictures and they think they are from a magazine. - Lisa








My personality is fun and down to earth. I help you feel comfortable in front of the camera so you may act naturally, allowing me to capture your special moments in an artistic style. I have a strong work ethic and am very passionate. I am known for my ability to stay calm and focused in dynamic, high-pressure environments. This makes me the ideal candidate to photograph your wedding.

Having a wedding is a stressful period so you want to make sure you are comfortable with your photographer. He is very calm and will take any suggestions you have and make them happen. – Lindsey

I cannot say enough about how fantastic Arvin and his team were for our engagement session, henna party and wedding. The pictures are flawless, and Arvin makes you feel so comfortable. I feel like he truly captured the spirit of our big day. - Anita


As a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), I continue to hone my skills by attending photography seminars and keeping up to date with the latest photographic trends. It will be a great honor to be part of your special day.

His service is a tremendous value, you would be so lucky to have him. - Lisa

Choosing Arvin Photography was a great decision that we would make several times over, and we definitely recommend them to anyone who wants professional photos. - Jessica

We cannot wait to hire him again. He receives my highest recommendation and continually exceeded my expectations. - Anita



Your journey with Arvin Photography® begins well in advance of your wedding day, starting with an engagement portrait session and continuing through to the selection process for your wedding book. Your photos will tell the story of your special moment and capture love, emotion, and family. After the photo shoot, I handpick the final photos from the session and work with the selection to bring it to its full potential. Most clients receive between 600 to 800 photos from our time together.



By choosing Arvin Photography®, you will have peace of mind that your photos will be sensitively composed and charged with emotion.



Arvin Photography® has the ability to transform the world into art by bringing creativity and passion into every project. Rest assured, Arvin will be able to capture your mood and direction for each shoot.



We understand your brand is critical to convey the image you seek. Arvin Photography’s skillful use of lighting and artistic eye give you a riveting image that everyone will notice.

For information about our services or to check availability, complete this short form, text or call Arvin directly at 571.303.9821.